Spare Parts Supply & Installation for HVAC-R, MEP, & Fit-out systems.

Air Climatics Co. provides spare parts and minor equipment supply & installation service for, but are not limited to following crucial items for the optimum and continuous operations of various systems:

HVAC-R Mechanical Parts

  • Major parts:

  1. Compressors.

  2. Motors.

  3. Fans.

  4. Valves.

  5. Heat exchangers.

  6. MCHE, & RTPF Coils.

  • Consumable parts:

  1. Filters: Chemical Filters modules & Media, canisters and sections, ESP & MESP filters, active carbon filters, aluminum filters, pleated filters, bag filters, HEPA filters, Cartridge and other types of filters.

  2. Belts, Gaskets and seals.

  3. Refrigerant and Refrigeration accessories.

HVAC-R Electrical Parts:

  1. Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), UV lamp.

  2. DDC & MCC Panels.

  3. Contactors, Actuators and Transformer.

  4. Humidifier.

  5. Heaters.

  6. Electrical components suitable for safe and explosion-proof applications.

Equipment & Devices for the HVAC-R system:

  1. Fans (exhaust fans, wall-mounted fans, centrifugal fans, roof-mounted fans, gravity ventilators, and others).

  2. Volume control dampers, sound attenuators, fire dampers, and grills.

  3. Pipes and valves.

MEP & Fit out spare parts & Material including, but are not limited to:

  1. Firefighting components & pumps (UL/FM) and non-UL, fire sprinklers (UL/FM) and non-UL, fire suppression system for electrical rooms, server rooms, & restaurant hoods.

  2. Plumbing accessories: Gate valves (UL/FM), butterfly and float valves, PVC valves, zone control valves (UL/FM), alarm check valves (UL/FM), and others

  3. All kinds of plumbing pipes and fittings.

  4. All kinds of Electrical devices and components